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Street Sign and Film to Come in Honor of Shelby Native Who Broke the Pro Football Color Barrier  
Charles Follis: First to Break Pro Football's Color Barrier  
"The Black Cyclone "Film" in development for 2021
The screenplay, written by Jim Stoner and Peter Waldman of Stonewal Productions, LLC.
The new CHARLES FOLLIS HEADSTONE/MONUMENT has kicked off it's Fundraising initiative. It also includes "THE BLACK CYCLONE TRAIL", a driving tour that will take people on a driving tour of sites between Wooster and Shelby. important to Charles'  journey and story. The Committee (pictured hear) also intends to fund a "Charles Follis Scholarship", awarded to young, eligible athletes of color.

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As seen on
"NFL Films Presents" and "Time Warner Sports"

"The Black Cyclone" an original play by director Jim Stoner, features the little known story of personal strength that was embodied in Charles Follis.

Picture Ohio in 1902, still in the shadow of the Civil War, and Civil Rights for Blacks was merely a volatile talking point. Small towns were fighting for identity and respect and enjoying prosperity for the first time. New ways to entertain oneself became popular---and many small towns began to field "Football Clubs" and compete with one another for bragging rights. "The Black Cyclone" captures the strength of one family, how they fought to make a home in white America---against a backdrop of what has become the NFL. The forgotten baseball and football legend, Charles Follis had no idea how he touched America forever... by impressing those he knew...and as The Black Cyclone will help Charles do what his great niece stated at the dedication of the Wooster High School Field in his honor.."Run, Charles, run for the ages..."


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